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This is an overview of a COMMUNITY FILM PROJECT produced for the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.  We carried out 2 Proejcts, each with 11 men, who were taught film making and story telling skills.  Culminatinating in 22 completed films

Sometimes a Film to show your achievements is useful EVIDENCE to show to FUNDERS.  Also to capture the personal achievments of people you work with.

'Italian Whit Walks' a project we produced for Manchester Science & Industry Museum's 'Histories Revealed', one of 5 films we made, featuing well known actors John Henshaw and Max Beesley.

11 Community Films here, produced for Manchester Science and Industry Museum.  11 Homeless men taught to make films by John McCormack

Working with Manchester City Council and Community Media Crew - a community film set in Wythenshawe - Sharston

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