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Since 1997 we have produced a large volume of films to satisfy Client's needs and our own film making ambitions.


Our Films are very diverse in nature, ranging from Promotional, Information, Commumnity Film Projects and TV Commercials.  We have also produced Feature Films for cinema and TV Broadcasts/ Credits.  We also produce

Community Films helping organisations show their achievments.


How much do we charge?  As a ballpark figure, we charge £485 for one days filming and a days editing.  So for example if you wanted a film to be between 2 minutes and 5 minutes, this is achievable with this budget.



Tel: 07881 468 569


Above is a Community Film to stop a

Council  building on Protected Green Space.

Promotional film for Dentist Practice in Chester.  Our Client was another Producer; we shot and editied 9 films for their client's website.  This is the 11 minute overview film.

OUR SHARSTON was filmed and editied for Manchester City Council's South Neighbourhood Team, to promote the work in Sharston Wythenshawe.


Garden City Festival; an annual community event that showcases local horticulture, fresh produce, cooking and crafts. Event partners include Wythenshawe Town Centre (St Modwen Properties plc), Wythenshawe Forum Trust, South Manchester Healthy Living Network and Wythenshawe Regeneration Team with additional support from Community First funding.


This is a MUSIC PROMO we made - way back in 2006

for the band HITCHCOCK.

INFORMATION FILM.  The millionaire Martin Ainscough set up a new initiative to help charities; run by Jen Pemberton, ANTZ JUNCTION is a a bold project.  This film was produced by us to give an overview.

'No 2nd Night Out' Film featuring homless people, commissioned by Riverside ECHG.  Used to raise £200,000 from the UK Government.

Film about a new building for people with learning disabilities. Our Client was Tameside Metropolitan Council.

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